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Staff Profiles

Charmaine Cargill CPA

Charmaine has worked in some capacity within the accounting industry her entire career.  Her work experience has taken her full circle from the small business arena to Corporate America and back to the small business arena where she now advises and performs accounting work for both not-for-profit and for profit organizations. Being a hands-on Certified Public Accountant (“CPA”) is a bonus that her clients relish. She has the gift to not just be an Accountant, who just prepares your bookkeeping and your tax return, but to give recommendations to her clients which can help business owners save money in some capacity.  Having an accountant like Charmaine helps the business owner to not be distracted and to not be bogged down with paperwork on all the financial regulations, but frees up time for business owners to be successful at running operations, especially sales.


Prior to being a CPA, Charmaine acquired her training to be a tax preparer by taking classes at both H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt, where she also prepared tax returns.  Her love for preparing tax returns and for helping others led her to joining the Center for Economic Progress (formerly Midwest Tax Clinic) where she prepared tax returns for the less fortunate for free.

If there is any way your business can save you money, chances are C. Murphy & Associates will find it.